The JFK Assassination made simple —
using video evidence and doctors' testimony

Please review both: the Magic Bullet wound page
for the throat wound right before frame 225;
and the fatal bullet wound
from Zapruder film frame 313.

THE SMOKING GUN: When was Texas Governor Connally hit?

A: hit before frame 225?


or B: hit after frame 313?

Oswald Theorists claim A, because if the answer is B, Oswald is innocent.
Yet, obviously, Texas Governor Connally was not hit till after frame 313.

  • Click here for more details of the
    "magic bullet" before frame 225.

  • Click here for simple one page lesson, concerning only
    the fatal bullet wound from Zapruder film frame 313;

  • (10 MB QuickTime MOV VIDEO FILE) Slow motion zoomed in version of Zapruder film
    Watch it 3 times; once watching Kennedy, once watching Jackie, once Connally
    Then review evidence above.

  • Oswald denied involvement and then was killed by the mobster Jack Ruby. In an interview on the History Channel, Jack claimed, the truth will never be known "Because, unfortunately, these people, who have so much to gain and have such an ulterior motive to PUT me in the position I'm in will never let the TRUE facts come aboveboard to the world." Interviewer: "Are these people in very high positions, Jack?" Ruby: "Yes." Jack Ruby, originally Jack Leon Rubenstein, had been an informant for the FBI. (See Document)
    Ruth Paine stored Oswald's alleged rifle in her garage (but claimed she didn't know it was there), and got Oswald a job at the Book Depository just 5 weeks before Kennedy passed. Jim Garrison, District Attorney of Orleans Parish in Louisiana, suggested that Ruth Paine's father, William Avery Hyde, had been working at U.S. AID as cover for the CIA. Ruth's husband, Michael Paine, worked at Bell-Textron Helicopters, a defense contractor who helped provide equipment for the Iran-Contra affair. Ruth Paine was later found in Nicaragua helping the CIA's Contras. (4 MB PDF) On the History Channel documentary, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", all Oswald's family and friends claimed Lee Harvey Oswald was incapable of committing the murder of JFK — except for Ruth Paine.

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