The JFK Assassination made simple —
using video evidence and doctors' testimony

This page below is concerning the throat wound
right before frame 225 (dubbed "magic bullet" or
"single bullet theory").

Oswald Theorists claim that Governor Connally was hit
5 seconds before he was actually hit.
This is the single fact that destroys all Oswald theories.

Scholars can write books, but the video is evidence.

THE SMOKING GUN: When was Texas Governor Connally hit?

A: before frame 225?


B: after frame 313?

Oswald Theorists claim A, because if the answer is B, Oswald is innocent.
Yet, obviously, Texas Governor Connally was not hit till after frame 313.

(10 MB QuickTime MOV VIDEO FILE) Slow motion zoomed in version
of Zapruder film Watch it 3 times; once watching Kennedy,
once watching Jackie, once Connally. Then review evidence below.

The crux of the issue here, concerning the "magic bullet",
is that the alleged gun used by Oswald
CANNOT hit JFK at frame 313 and then
hit Governor John Connally at frame 324
(less than a second later at 18 fps).

The first JFK wound (throat) was before frame 225,
(the Warren Report says wound was between 210-225)
and the last JFK wound in the temple at frame 313.

Oswald theorists claim that 1 bullet accounts for
Connally's hit (frame 324) and JFK's throat (before 225).
Its clear on the video that
Connally was not hit till 5 seconds after JFK's throat wound.

Oswald Theory

Theory: 5 Seconds before JFK's fatal head shot,
Oswald fired a single bullet
from the Book Depository that
injured JFK in the throat and Governor
John Connally in the back, wrist and leg.
But this is impossible.

THEORY: single "magic" bullet
from book depository
The New York Times (doctors claim front entry)
Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963
"Dr. Malcolm Perry, an attending surgeon, and Dr. Kemp Clark, chief of neurosurgery at Parkland Hospital, gave more details. Mr. Kennedy was hit by a bullet in the throat, just below the Adam's apple, they said. This wound had the appearance of a bullet's entry." Click here for article

Oswald theorists have spent all their lives making this
single bullet from before Zapruder frame 225 match the path of
JFK's throat wound and the back, wrist and leg wounds of
Governor John Connally of Texas.
Yet Governor Connally does not react from his various wounds
until after frame 324, over 5 seconds later (18 fps).

Governor Connally's reactions on video are the "Smoking Gun"
of the JFK Assassination that proves conspiracy and coverup.
Lining up the bullet diagrams are a distraction,
please ignore attempts by theorists to line up the shot.
It does not matter if the shot lines up or not.
They are ignoring one crucial dimension: The time dimension.
As you can see, Governor Connally was not hit yet till much later,
5 seconds after JFK was hit in the throat.

After the JFK throat wound:
Governor Connally can be seen here grabbing
his hat, turning his hat upside-down
(with his allegedly shattered wrist), then
turning his body around to try and talk
to the injured President after frame 225.
Jackie is turning to Governor Connally as he talks.
The Governor was not yet hit with
a high powered rifle bullet.

Just this simple observation destroys the case against Oswald,
because there would not be enough bullets from Oswald
to hit JFK at frame 225 and 313, then also hit Governor
Connally separately at frame 324,
in addition to hitting Mr. Tague.

This one magic bullet MUST account for Kennedy's throat wound and
Governor John Connally's back, wrist and leg wounds —
or Oswald cannot be guilty.
Oswald Theorists will say anything absurd to make this one first bullet
responsible for Governor John Connally's back, wrist and leg wound.

Governor Connally can be seen here on the History Channel (Youtube)
describing that he was bent over when he was shot in the back:

"I heard what I thought was a rifle shot [before frame 225] and
immediately reacted by turning over my right shoulder...
I was in the process of turning over to my left shoulder
when I felt a blow in the middle of my back [frame 324]...
the blow was in such force that it bent me over."

This "blow" was five seconds after JFK's throat wound.

Here we can see Connally clearly hit
after JFK's fatal head wound,
5 seconds after frame 225.

Here is more Zapruder footage and interviews that prove
that Governor Connally was not hit with the same bullet: (Youtube)

Do not be brainwashed by Oswald Theorists
dismissing this clear observable evidence,
with clever absurdities, like:

"A southern man can withstand a high power rifle shot
in the back for 5 seconds without reacting"

It is absurd to claim this is the same bullet —
when clearly Governor Connally was hit 5 seconds later.
This is a case where theory drives facts —
when facts should drive theory.

When researching the JFK assassination,
FIRST CHECK To Make sure the researcher
is not ignoring the fact that Governor Connally
was not yet hit at the point of JFK's throat wound.

"Respected" research, such as John McAdams (,
the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (,
the Discovery Channel's "Tech Puts JFK Conspiracy Theories to Rest",
or "JFK: Inside the Target Car",
and Wikipedia (,
Have based their whole theory on arbitrarily ignoring that Governor Connally was not yet hit.

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Oswald denied involvement and then was killed by the mobster Jack Ruby. In an interview on the History Channel, Jack claimed, the truth will never be known "Because, unfortunately, these people, who have so much to gain and have such an ulterior motive to PUT me in the position I'm in will never let the TRUE facts come aboveboard to the world." Interviewer: "Are these people in very high positions, Jack?" Ruby: "Yes." Jack Ruby, originally Jack Leon Rubenstein, had been an informant for the FBI. (See Document)
Ruth Paine stored Oswald's alleged rifle in her garage (but claimed she didn't know it was there), and got Oswald a job at the Book Depository just 5 weeks before Kennedy passed. Jim Garrison, District Attorney of Orleans Parish in Louisiana, suggested that Ruth Paine's father, William Avery Hyde, had been working at U.S. AID as cover for the CIA. Ruth's husband, Michael Paine, worked at Bell-Textron Helicopters, a defense contractor who helped provide equipment for the Iran-Contra affair. Ruth Paine was later found in Nicaragua helping the CIA's Contras. (4 MB PDF) On the History Channel documentary, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", all Oswald's family and friends claimed Lee Harvey Oswald was incapable of committing the murder of JFK — except for Ruth Paine.

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