The JFK Assassination made simple —
using video evidence and doctors' testimony

This page below is concerning the fatal bullet wound
from Zapruder film frame 313 and not the
neck wound right before frame 225.

The information below does not address the
neck wound right before frame 225 (dubbed "magic bullet"),
nor the speculated second head shot immediately after 313.

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Below is the summary of evidence for the
fatal head wound shot at frame 313.

Oswald Theory

Theory: Oswald fired the fatal bullet
from the Book Depository.
There is no temple wound
according to Oswald theorists.

graphic from wikipedia

On November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza,
The fatal bullet passed the back-right of the limousine to
the front-left at least 7 degrees left-of-center. Kennedy
allegedly was turned left enough to compensate for having
the bullet exit out the right of his head.

Wikipedia shows the bullet exit above
John F. Kennedy's Temporal bone (temple) because that
is the only possible exit from a bullet that
came from the Book Depository using an entry
wound in the rear of Kennedy's head.

This "autopsy" photo shows JFK — as you can see, the right temple has a strange texture. This is because facial reconstruction wax was placed on the right temple by mortician Thomas Evan Robinson, Interivewed by Andy Purdy and Jim Conzelman, House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) 1/12/77. See document


HSCA Appendix Volume 7
Figure 19, Page 111

HSCA Appendix Volume 7
Figure 20, Page 112

Oswald Theorists claim that there is damage to the top-front
of the skull where the alleged rear bullet exited, but
claim that no bullet entered or exited the temple. Contrarily,
compare the left intact temple to the right damaged
in HSCA Figure 19. Also notice the missing
temple bone in HSCA Figure 20. (click X-Rays to enlarge)

The purple exit area (temple) would result from a bullet angle too wide to originate from the Texas School Book Depository Building. This is why Oswald theorists claim there is no temple wound.

The blue exit area is the only possible bullet exit from the angle originating from the book depository, and only if Kennedy's head is turned towards Jackie enough to over-compenstate for the left-of-center bullet angle from the Texas School Book Depository Building.

Rear of artificial
skull with markings

Autopsy Report

The alleged rear entrance wound (Parietal bone, blue) from the Texas School Book Depository Building is higher than the autopsy report specified, which claims there is an entrance wound lower near the Occipital bone (purple). A bullet entrance wound in the Occipital bone (purple) from the Book Depository could not exit through Kennedy's temple, and therefore is not possible. While the alleged Parietal bone wound works for the Oswald Theory, the actual Occipital bone wound exiting the temple bone could not have originated from the Book Depository. Please see House Committee (HSCA) excerpt concerning autopsy discrepancy. (800K PDF)

Temple Wound Theory

Theory: Impossible for bullet to
have originated from Book Depository.
There is a temple wound.

The Zapruder video shows a wound (exit or entrance)
between Kennedy's right eye and his right ear,
on the right temple — this wound is below
the bullet exit location depicted by wikipedia.

Frame 317 showing fatal wound —
Facial debris protrudes towards camera
— and not forward towards front of car.
Hair and scalp above temple (where wikipedia
shows the alleged exit wound) appear intact.

This is frame 312, before fatal shot.
The red (added) indicates 313 wound.
JFK is looking forward, not left as
would be required for the bullet angle
from the Book Depository.

The Doctors confirm a right temple wound below the bullet exit location described by wikipedia. This graphic shows the anatomic location of the human temple in orange.
(see wikipedia "temple")

Washington Post
President Kennedy Shot Dead;
Lyndon B. Johnson Is Sworn In

By Edward T. Folliard, Nov. 23, 1963, Page A1
"He was shot at 12:30 p.m. CST (1:30 EST) today by an assassin, who sent a rifle bullet crashing into his right temple." See Wash Post Article

New York Times, November 23, 1963, Page A1
According to Dr. Malcolm Perry and Dr. Kemp Clark, "Mr. Kennedy also had a massive, gaping wound in the back and one in the right side of the head." See NY Times Article

New York Times, December 16, 1963
The F.B.I. report said, "Kennedy was hit by two bullets, one where the right shoulder joins the neck and the other in the right temple."

Doctor testimonies were changed months later by the Warren Commission to fit the angle required for the Oswald theory.

FBI director Hoover said to Lyndon B. Johnson, "The thing I am most concerned about having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin." (House Committee Report 1979 p.244) LBJ told Earl Warren "he was greatly disturbed by the rumors that were going around the world about a conspiracy and so forth." (Washington Post, Nov 14, 1993) "Thus was born the idea of creating a prestigious presidential commission to control the release of information about the assassination and choke off speculation about an international conspiracy to kill Kennedy." (Washington Post, Nov 14, 1993)

The Warren Commission included ex-CIA director Allen Dulles, who was fired by Kennedy. While CIA director, Allen created the "Operation 40" (see wikipedia of Operation 40) assassination team using Frank Sturgis and Howard Hunt (later "plumbers" in Watergate). Both were found on the scene dressed as the "tramps." Victor Marchetti, former assistant to the CIA director, claimed these men were involved in the assasination in his August 1978 article published in Spotlight. See media photo of tramps at Dealey Plaza.

The temple wound — whether shot from the front (e.g. the "grassy knolls") or from behind John F. Kennedy — could NOT HAVE COME from the Book Depository. The angle is too wide.

When researching the JFK assassination,
FIRST CHECK To Make sure the researcher
has NOT MOVED UP the wounds in order to correct
the impossible angle from the Book Depository.

"Respected" research, such as John McAdams (,
the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (,
the Discovery Channel's "Tech Puts JFK Conspiracy Theories to Rest",
or "JFK: Inside the Target Car",
and Wikipedia (,
Have based their whole theory on arbitrarily moving up the wound locations.

JFKpage — Final Summary

The following documented sources confirm a temple bullet wound:
1) operating room doctors, 2) morticians, 3) X-Rays, 4) Zapruder film, 5) FBI forensic report, 6) autopsy report

The following sources confirm no temple wound and Oswald as the source of the bullet:
1) faith in government

Oswald denied involvement and then was killed by the mobster Jack Ruby. In an interview on the History Channel, Jack claimed, the truth will never be known "Because, unfortunately, these people, who have so much to gain and have such an ulterior motive to PUT me in the position I'm in will never let the TRUE facts come aboveboard to the world." Interviewer: "Are these people in very high positions, Jack?" Ruby: "Yes." Jack Ruby, originally Jack Leon Rubenstein, had been an informant for the FBI. (See Document) Jack Ruby had bragged to an IRS informant about the assassination before JFK was shot. (See Document) Dallas Police officer J. D. Tippit, allegedly shot by Oswald while fleeing, was actually associated with Jack Ruby and Tippit previously met Oswald. (See Document)
Ruth Paine stored Oswald's alleged rifle in her garage (but claimed she didn't know it was there), and got Oswald a job at the Book Depository just 5 weeks before Kennedy passed. Jim Garrison, District Attorney of Orleans Parish in Louisiana, suggested that Ruth Paine's father, William Avery Hyde, had been working at U.S. AID as cover for the CIA. Ruth's husband, Michael Paine, worked at Bell-Textron Helicopters, a defense contractor who helped provide equipment for the Iran-Contra affair. Ruth Paine was later found in Nicaragua helping the CIA's Contras. (4 MB PDF) On the History Channel documentary, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", all Oswald's family and friends claimed Lee Harvey Oswald was incapable of committing the murder of JFK — except for Ruth Paine.

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